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Am I a candidate?

Am I
a candidate?

What kind of cases can our appliance treat

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Everyone is a candidate. The Skarin System works for Everyone.

Aligners cannot treat every orthodontic case.

Our appliance was designed to effectively treat any type of orthodontic problem.

Aligners cannot treat every orthodontic case

Our appliance was designed to effectively treat any type of orthodontic problem

Technologies and Doctors Are Not All The Same

Technologies and Doctors Are Not All The Same

What Sets Us Apart From All Others

Dr. Skarin has extensive experience treating everything from the most basic to the most difficult orthodontic cases. It is not uncommon for our patients to come from other practices and being pleasantly surprised by how differently we treat the same case.

Every orthodontist has different skill sets, aptitudes, and treatment philosophies. We are not all the same. Being an expert in orthodontics can mean the difference between one orthodontist having to have a tooth removed in a patient to straighten their teeth and another orthodontist not having to remove any teeth at all. The skill and experience of an orthodontist matters.

As Dr. Skarin likes to say, “all roads lead to Rome, but some roads are better than others.” Some roads are faster, but more expensive for the patient. Some roads are slower, but cheaper. Some roads put more wear and tear on the teeth and roots. Other roads are well traveled and easier for the orthodontist while another road might be better for the patient but more difficult and time consuming for the orthodontist. As a former associate professor of orthodontics at Northwestern University, Dr. Skarin spent many years teaching students hands-on in how to take the best road for each individual patient and putting the patient at the forefront of treatment philosophy.

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All roads lead to Rome, but not all roads are the same

Our Before And After pictures represent “arriving at Rome” and reaching the end of orthodontic treatment. While the difficulty of the cases may seem impressive, what sets us apart is the “road” Dr. Skarin took to treat each case.

Our patient-centered treatment approach means every individual patient is offered the best road tailored just for them — all from scratch without the common assembly line treatment approach — and Dr. Skarin’s patented state-of-the-art technology offers a truly patient-centered treatment road that our patients love.

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