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Treatment Options

Treatment Options

For us, all options are on the table

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There are lots of options out there for orthodontic treatment. Not all of them will be appropriate for all patients, but we will always give you all the options that can be used for your situation.

Since no two smiles are the same, no two treatment plans are the same, either. The products we offer work differently to meet the unique goals and needs of our patients.

Our services include:

Invisalign-Style Aligners and Tray Systems

Invisalign-Style Aligners and Tray Systems

Since Invisalign introduced their significant high-tech improvement over the rubber positioners of old over two decades ago, there have been many improvements, many being introduced by over a dozen additional orthodontic companies intent on surpassing the capabilities of the original. Skarin Orthodontics is pleased to offer this form of treatment to our patients and has been careful to screen the capabilities of each of these new tray systems. And while the major advantage of a tray system is aesthetic, it is important to note that not every malocclusion can be treated effectively with a tray system and efforts to do so frequently lead to interventions that are not nearly as efficacious or as effective as fixed appliances.

It is also important to know that certain claims made by advocates of tray systems are patently false. In reviewing my old website, I was appalled to find the information placed on my website by the company I hired used company-supplied talking points and advantages that were not true. Specifically, tray systems are not “virtually pain-free”.

The specialty of orthodontics has always strived to move teeth with light, continuous forces as years of research has shown this to be the safest and most effective mode of treatment. Tray systems, while effective, are required to use heavy, intermittent forces as a result of material and design limitations. No one can fault that, and as material science improves, the force levels and range of movement will improve. However, the Edgewise braces, still in use after 93 years, can offer lighter, more continuous forces than tray systems, but both pale in comparison to Skarin System, which was designed for less pain than the venerable Edgewise appliance.

You might be thinking that if tray systems used heavier, more intermittent forces to move teeth than braces, how is it possible that companies like Smile Direct can say they treat cases in less time than traditional braces? The truth is, they cannot. Dr. Skarin, in confronting a sales rep from the above company with irrefutable, documented evidence showing how fast traditional braces can move teeth versus a tray system, was told that tray systems “do not treat cases like orthodontists do!”

Enough said, except to say that the distances a tooth can move with trays is 0.2-0.3 mm per tray, 2-3 tenths of a millimeter, changed out every two weeks. The Skarin System has been shown to move a tooth 4-5 mm every two months when needed. We are talking up to 5x more movement in the same amount of time. You probably do not need a calculator to see the significant difference. Faster movement, far less pain.

We are happy to provide any number of orthodontic studies that scientifically document how much faster conventional braces are in comparison to aligners. A new study titled Differences in finished case quality between Invisalign and traditional fixed appliances was just released March 2022 that shows patients require an average of 4.8 months longer treatment times with aligners compared to traditional braces. Aligner companies release their research as well, but the bottom line is that even on a mechanical level, aligners cannot perform in the same manner.

Please know that trays are used by Dr. Skarin frequently for minor tooth movements. In fact, he creates them, in house, to correct all types of minor changes that patients would like to address without the significant expense a comprehensive tray treatment from a lab would cost. If you are interested in finding out if a tray system would work well for you, feel free to call for an appointment.

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