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Why our standard of care is unique

Personal one-on-one care is not just a catch phrase, it is the only way we provide treatment. Every aspect of your treatment, from initial screening, to lifetime retention checks (Dr. Skarin’s lifetime!) is rendered by Dr. Skarin, and only Dr. Skarin.

When it comes to your experience as a patient, treating patients with focused concierge-like care is Dr. Skarin's treatment philosophy.

  • No assistants
  • No associates
  • Continuity of treatment assured

There are many aspects of our practice that set us apart from all others. We invite you to see how our treatment philosophy of putting the patient first -- above all else -- runs through every aspect of our practice.

The advantages we offer
that our patients love

One chair
one doctor

Every minute of every appointment is exclusively with Dr. Skarin. No assistants. No waiting for the doctor to come to your chair.

Expert care and much faster appointments for you. Also, less risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Appliance choice over office efficiency

Most orthodontic practices offer limited and streamlined appliance options which they fit their patients into. This benefits their office efficiency since their staff is familiar with those appliances.

For Dr. Skarin, every viable appliance option is on the table. Patient care, patient relationships, and patient choice are critical to us.


Most orthodontists ship out work to labs. This results in higher costs and turnaround time.

Dr. Skarin produces everything himself in-house. This means lower prices and higher quality materials with faster service.

Customized treatment costs

Many offices standardize their costs up-front. We do not. We offer every treatment option to our patients with variable costs. As such, we do not have a commonly used “one-size-fits-all” fee structure. Fees are 100% customized, depending on level of difficulty and expected treatment time.

Extensive Initial Evaluation

Consultations are complementary, and in keeping with our dedication to patient-centered care, they are extensive.

Dr. Skarin goes through every detail until you are completely satisfied. Our patients frequently comment on how suprised they were by how much preparation goes into every consult.

Flexible Emergency Treatment

As an independent small private practice, we are very flexible and responsive to emergencies. It is not uncommon for Dr. Skarin to treat patients over the weekend or at odd hours of the day when there is an emergency.

Faster appointments

Since every minute is spent with Dr. Skarin, more work is accomplished in less time. Our checkup/adjustment time slots are significantly shorter than the average office.

Patient care is our standard, not patient quotas

In the words of an anonymous patient testimonial: "We are on child number two now. [Dr. Skarin] won't over quote you." Our fees are fair, and we do not have patient quotas as many other practices do.

'We treat you like family' is commonly used. In our case, we mean it, and we practice it.

Expert questions
Expert answers

Dr. Skarin is a licensed expert in orthodontics, but more notably, a former clinical associate professor of orthodontics at Northwestern University Dental School. Dr. Skarin enjoys answering any and all questions and has the experience and expertise to field even the toughest questions.

Dr. Skarin is a licensed expert in orthodontics, but more notably, a former clinical associate professor of orthodontics at Northwestern University Dental School. Dr. Skarin enjoys answering any and all questions and has the experience and expertise to field even the toughest questions.

Treatment Philosophy

Treatment Philosophy

Treatment philosophy matters. It influences everything we do.

Dr. Skarin personally believes that you are paying for his expertise not only in the treatment planning, but also in the physical mechanics of tooth movement. He knows exactly how much pressure is being placed on each tooth, with each adjustment. Since every appointment requires a re-evaluation on how the teeth moved from the previous adjustment, Dr. Skarin does not utilize assistants.

Most practices utilize a standardized wire progression, which allows assistants to duplicate the same treatment protocol. This increases office patient volume at the expense of personalized treatment for patients. Instead, Dr. Skarin customizes patient treatment throughout the entire process and at every appointment.

We believe in patient efficiency, not patient volume.

When in our office, you or your child are the only priority. You are not one of multiple patients waiting in separate chairs for the orthodontist to come by and evaluate, issue directions, and return to check if the work was done correctly. Multiple chair practices need large waiting rooms and coffee bars for a reason. At Skarin Orthodontics, every patient receives exclusive time with the doctor for the whole appointment in as short a time frame as needed.

Your treatment may require various techniques to best treat your case. The multiple appliances and techniques taught at Northwestern University’s orthodontic program provided Dr. Skarin a diverse background to treat cases and a wide range of resources to draw from at any stage of treatment. Dr. Skarin continued that rich teaching tradition for seventeen years with extensive experience treating orthognathic surgery cases, cleft palate, tongue thrust, and TMJ difficulties.

Thoroughness and patient understanding are paramount

It all begins with the initial evaluation appointment. After a comprehensive clinical exam, Dr. Skarin goes over every issue and concern. He then describes every treatment option available (even ones he personally would not choose to use), explains how they work, what kind of results can be expected, and how they will impact time of treatment, cost, cooperation and wear and tear on the teeth. It is critical that you know all of your options so that you can make the most educated decision possible, even if it means just maintaining what you presently have and not allowing it to get worse.

Our bottom line is never our top line

Presently, more and more dental and orthodontic practices are being bought out by large dental service organizations. With this comes both expected and unexpected changes. Office efficiency is maximized, staff are universally trained, supplies and appliances are standardized to cut costs, and in many cases, quotas are established as the bottom line is expected to be maintained.

Unfortunately, with this business-first model, the professional staffing resembles a revolving door. There is little assurance that the doctor who initially treated and planned the case will be the one who finishes it. In addition, the personal responsibility for the patient, which is so important to Dr. Skarin, is then relegated up the corporate ladder to be dealt with by various assistants and doctors. For us, we believe personal connection is incredibly important when it comes to healthcare of any kind. Skarin Orthodontics will always be a practice first, not a business. Dr. Skarin knows each and every one of his patients and always looks forward to seeing them decades later for their regular complementary retention checks.

Covid-19 protocol has been in place for as long as the offices have been in existence

  • The only person that is in physical contact with each and every patient is Dr. Skarin.
  • This treatment philosophy ensures the least exposure to pathogens as is possible. We have added temperature checks as well as wellness checklists for every appointment and will continue to do so.

Technology that makes a difference, FOR YOU

It seems every office claims to have the most updated technology that will make your treatment shorter and better. In some cases, that may be true. However, all too frequently it will not benefit you, the patient. It is Dr. Skarin’s responsibility to let you know what new approaches will actually be beneficial and what will only benefit the office. He has done that on more than one occasion and will back it up with the scientific data generated by responsible researchers. For more information see Our Technology.

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